Employee Recognition during COVID-19

  • According to the Achievers’ study, 93% of employees hope to be recognized at least once a quarter, which shows that they have a deep desire for recognition.
  • In a recent study by Harvard Business Review, 72% of respondents said that recognition of their high performance had a significant impact on their engagement and 40% of employed Americans reported they would put more energy into their work if they received recognition more often.
  • As a result of the survey conducted by HR software company BambooHR, it was revealed that 75% of employees who received recognition at least once a month were satisfied with their jobs.
greeting card by 3dzook/dzook
  1. Wishing “Happy Birthday”
    Just because people around the world are practicing social distancing and working from home does not mean their birthdays should not be celebrated. Moreover, a birthday celebration can be a bright spot during these uncertain times even if done remotely. Make sure to congratulate your employees publicly with their personalized dzook illustrations and encourage other employees to cherish the birthday person with warm wishes. You can even sing “Happy Birthday” all together using the video conferencing tools.
  2. Celebrating work anniversaries
    According to the Harvard Business Review study, employees are likely to leave their current workplaces after a year of employment with the upcoming generations moving around more in their careers. This is why employees’ work anniversaries should not go unnoticed. Thank them for their contribution and loyalty to your company. A great way to do this during these times is to share a greeting card with the employee’s dzook illustration along with the number of years working at your company. You can even add a note with their accomplishments during those years or what makes them a valuable employee to your company.
  3. Welcoming new employees
    Knowing that there are a lot of challenges for the onboarding process of the new employees because of the current situation that require fresh and innovative approaches, we are offering a fun way to introduce and welcome your new team members. You can create their illustrated character with dzook platform and post it to your company’s internal communication channel with a short bio and some fun information about the new team member.
  4. Saying “Thank You”
    A thank you is such an easy way to show your appreciation. Thank the employees that went an additional milestone to help achieve company goals and encourage your employees to practice peer-to-peer recognition by calling out the positive things people are doing. Use dzook illustrations to make the thank you note more personalized. You and your company employees can easily upload a person’s image to the dzook platform and get the illustrated character within several seconds.
  5. Giving rewards
    Do you have “Employee of the month” or other rewards for the best performers of each month? Working remotely should not hinder your company’s traditions. Even though you are not able to give a big applause to the top performers gathered in the office, you can still make a public announcement of this month’s heroes by posting their illustration with their reward title.
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